One of the first questions i’m asked by business owners is:

What do you think of my website?

As you might imagine, there is never a straight forward answer for that question. A great place to start any form of marketing analysis is the end.

Website analysis is no different.  What is the end result you want to achieve? Before we roll out the high tech software and get in depth about coding, SEO, etc. let’s apply some common sense.

There are 3 reasons a business needs a website:

Credibility – when your target market search for you online you want them to find something controlled by you. In this case, as long as you feel your website portrays your brand identity, then it works for the result you desire.

E-Commerce – Simple, you want to sell a product or service online. Turnover is your measure so crunch the numbers and you’ll find your answer.

Lead Generation – Like an e-commerce website your measurement is straightforward. How many leads does it produce?

So, what do I think of your website? You probably already know the answer…


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