Our Story

Cast your mind back to 2003… The cheeky girls topped the charts, finding Nemo hit the big screens and Pete Sampras retired.  A new “fad” launched a few years earlier called google with Facebook to follow a year later, both would change marketing forever.


Well…that’s the year most of the Floww Digital Team began their career in marketing, after years of lectures and study the whole thing changed almost overnight and it was back to the drawing board! Digital marketing continues to evolve as you would expect for something that is still relatively new, I mean the cheeky girls weren’t out that long ago were they?!


Fast Forward to 2016… 13 years of dedicated study have passed, 13 years of producing digital marketing results for SME’s throughout the country and 13 years of biscuits and coffee. Floww Digital was born.

Who are we

A team of experienced digital marketing specialists with a broad range of skills and experience in various business sectors.

Our Skills

Web Design
Social Media

We offer a variety of digital marketing services including website design, PPC, social media management and training. More importantly your digital strategy is tailored to your business and designed to increase your revenue, not ours!

Further information of our range of services can be found here

Why do what we do

It’s fun! We enjoy learning about your business and other businesses across a wide range of sectors, implementing our ideas and watching them grow. Our clients trust us with the responsibility to grow their business and we take pride in making their dreams become a reality.

Ready to get started?


Kind words from our lovely clients

  • We are a traditional company established more than 30 years.  Our business always came through newspaper ads and the yellow pages but we noticed it starting to dry up and knew we had to do something about it. We never had a website before and didn't really know where to start. We found Andrew on google and he sat down with us, talked us through the design and gave us advice on the best way to get leads through website. Four months in this is now the main source of new business.

    Gavin Reynolds, Clydeside Tarmac

    DirectorClydeside Tarmac

    Gavin Reynolds, Clydeside Tarmac

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